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Movie Review: How to Train Your Dragon 2

Even though I’ve never read the How to Train Your Dragon books (one of my goals for the summer!) I absolutely and irrevocably fell in love with that world when I happened to be channel surfing three and a half years ago and started watching How to Train Your Dragon. I have no idea how the original film escaped my notice when it hit theaters. I adore well-crafted and -scripted animated movies, maybe more than the average person my age but I don’t see what’s wrong with that. I had high expectations for this sequel, not only because I was getting to see two of my favorite heroes in theaters but because it was going to be awesome. And yeah, I was right.

A little side note to thank people like my roommate for putting up with me all semester (maybe all year) when I would suddenly see a new still or information about the movie and be reminded of my excitement for it all over again.


Toothless is just the most adorable, kickass dragon out there and I have no regrets that I picked him up at Build-a-Bear a few weeks ago because How to Train Your Dragon 2 (although it could have had a more original title) made me love the guy even more. He’s possibly the last of his kind but he has the most wonderful, powerful relationship with Hiccup. The two don’t speak the same language but . . . I suppose I could say something corny, like they speak the language of friendship and love instead. I’ll go with that.

Hiccup! I knew that they’d aged him for this movie but had no idea that he was supposed to be twenty until one of the characters in the movie started comparing Hiccup at twenty to his father, Stoick, when he’d been that age. Hiccup’s as old as I am! Not only was that exciting to find out but (as I pondered why creators need to make animated people so attractive) little Hiccup is coming into his own in this movie. Even better, he’s still the quirky, clumsy guy that we all know and love.

I was not prepared to cry during this movie. How to Train Your Dragon 2 gripped me and didn’t let go of me. I don’t feel like I was emotionally prepared for any of this, to feel so attached to these fictional characters and to want only the best for them. Including the dragons. Especially the dragons. Because, really, who would want to see Toothless sad or defeated?

I laughed so hard during 90% of the film-whenever I wasn’t busy tearing up. It was just as funny as the last movie! The whole gang from How to Train Your Dragon is back and better than ever. There’s something in this humor for everyone to love so this is definitely a movie that I’ll recommend to anyone of any age.

The animation and soundtrack in this movie are breathtaking. As I’m writing this I’m already planning to buy the soundtrack as soon as I’m finished this post. I already own and love the first soundtrack, if you haven’t checked that out. The score is just AMAZING. The scenery in this movie was so beautiful. I felt like I was immersed in their world immediately, as soon as the camera panned in and the score began.

Please go watch this movie (or the first one!) and let me know what you think! I absolutely loved every minute of this and can’t wait to see it again!

6 thoughts on “Movie Review: How to Train Your Dragon 2

    1. Yes!!! Almost a dozen now, I think! I just ordered the first so I’m hoping that they’ll be good!

      You must see this one soon. It was SO good! 😀


        1. Cressida Cowell! I just received book one and it looks so cute! There are drawings in it by Hiccup and it’s shown like its a ‘true’ story of the Vikings 🙂


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