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Favorite Book Friday: Alaska from Alaska Renee!

Favorite Book Friday is a new feature on my blog where different bloggers come to speak about their favorite books every week! This Friday I’m so happy to have Alaska talk about some of her favorites!

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Hey everyone! My name is Alaska Renee and I blog over at Alaska Renee. I’m really excited to write a guest post for Kayla!

I absolutely love books, so much that I feel like I’m missing something when I have nothing new to read. I’m always living within their pages so I’m excited to share some of my favorite books.

1. Legend series by Marie Lu

This is a must read if you liked The Hunger Games and Divergent. It’s a dystopian set in future Los Angeles and it’s about a girl name June, who is a faithful soldier for the Republic, as well as a prodigy and it’s also about a guy named Day, who is against everything the Republic stands for. The Republic is fighting against the Colonies, which in present day would have been the eastern United States. But between the demise of their families and plagues killing their own, June and Day realize they’re more connected than they thought. This series is my favorite of all time because there’s a lot of sides and you have no idea who the bad guy is until best the end of the second book. Also, June and Day’s romance is played out so well and isn’t the typical cliché story. There’s so many plot twists that always keep the story interesting and unpredictable to the point that it’s stressing. Plus, the epilogue will leave your heart ripped out. I was so distraught for weeks after I finished Champion because of my feels. Out of all the books, I recommend this one the most because it will leave you thinking and it’s such a ride.

2. Looking for Alaska by John Green

I got my pseudonym for my blog from this book so you best believe it’s my favorite. Obviously the most known book by John Green is, The Fault in Our Stars and that’s such an amazing book, but for me Looking for Alaska is the best he’s written. I don’t know how to put the story into words, partially because I know I’ll ruin it, but it’s about a group of pranksters that go to a private school and is led by a girl named Alaska. She’s the wild, unpredictable one and Miles, the new kid in the group is completely in love with her. The book deals with hard topics like depression, death, underage drinking and smoking so it’s definitely and I think Green wrote it well that makes you think why these kids are doing this (not that I support underage kids breaking the law). But it makes you think about life and whether or not you’re living it fully. It also has a lot of references to books and quotes a lot of things, which I absolutely love.

3. If I Stay by Gayle Foreman

This book is definitely more on the romance-y side but that doesn’t stop it from being awesome and kind of sad. A big part of this book surrounds music and I think that’s why I fell in love with it more. You have main character Mia playing the cello while her parents were die-hard punks. Adam, another rocker kid from her school, falls in love with her and despite their many differences, their love of music unites them. However, after a tragic accident leaves Mia in a coma, she must decide if she stays alive or not. I like this book because it is written in the present and in the past and it all comes together like a puzzle. The book breaks your heart because you realize that love is such a strong feeling and at the unexpected anything can happen. It was also was my favorite because Foreman showcased family in an important way which a lot of YA books don’t do. Not to mention, it gave me such an appreciation for classical music and it makes you want to find a guy like Adam.

4. It by Alexa Chung

Alexa Chung is my role model so it’s only natural that her book is on my list. The book is filled by pictures she’s taken and she gives a look at her life and what it takes to be an “it” girl. I can seriously read this book in 2 hours and it’s a fun read and it teaches you that heartbreak is a part of life and everyday is an occasion to dress up. I can’t say that it is an autobiography but Alexa talks about her own life, in relation to common topics and fashion. The book makes me happy and it’s such a fun read because it seems so carefree.

In today’s society where Twitter allows people to only read 140 characters at a time, I feel like books are such an important thing and reading helps me take a break from life and keeps me imagining.

I want to thank Kayla for allowing me on her blog and letting me share my favorite books with you all!

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Thanks so much Alaska! I also love Looking for Alaska and If I Stay and I have Legend sitting on my TBR pile waiting to be picked up! I’ll have to move it up the list. 😉

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