favorite book friday

Favorite Book Friday: Frances from Wanderlust Notes!

favorite book friday

Hey happy readers! Today I’m happy to bring to you another FBF. This week Frances from Wanderlust Notes talks about one of her favorite reads! Let’s all give her a warm welcome!

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We all know the story of a toy cowboy who was Andy’s favorite toy until the futuristic laser-pointing astronaut name came on the scene. Woody, Buzz light Year, Little Bo Beep, and who can forget Mr. Potato head, were unforgettable characters that stuck with us till today, almost 15 years later.

Toy Story was revolutionary. It was the first blockbuster hit made completely through computer animation. Something that nobody else had attempted before. It was all created by a little animation studio called Pixar.

Creativity, Inc is written by Pixar’s co-founder Ed Catmull the current director of Pixar Animation and Disney Animation. Catmull uses some of his experiences from developing and running Pixar to share his values for fostering a successful creative working environment.

Although the book claims that it is mainly for professionals or managers to learn from Pixar in empowering their employees, it’s told in autobiographical format from Catmull’s personal experience, which makes it appealing to any Pixar fan.

His suggestions and tips for fostering creativity are interesting, but the most exciting, inspirational part of the book is learning how Pixar got its start.

The book follows a young Catmull, a recent Ph.D grad from the University of the Utah with a dream of telling stories through computer animation. In the 1970’s and 1980’s, computer animation was nonexistent and deemed unimportant by the film community. Nonetheless, he continued to develop computer animation programs. It wasn’t till director George Lucas released the Star Wars that films and computer started to collide. Lucas hired Catmull to head a small research and development computer company, which eventually became Pixar.

Pixar did not have an easy start. It jumped from Lucas’s hands to the lap of Steve Jobs. Catmull discusses the turmoil of Pixar’s financial crisis along with his rocky relationship with his new partner Steve Jobs, who was stubborn and often intimidating. Then there was revamping the entire company’s mission from research and development to animation.

Catmull switches to a more educational tone once Pixar started to grow substantially after Toy Story. He addresses the importance of talented team, a group of people with various strengths that complement each other. As well as protecting innovative ideas, and developing them quickly, so if they fail, they failed fast. Then you can move on to more successful creative ideas. Lesson: Don’t be afraid of failure.

If you were interested in working in a creative industry, working more innovatively, or just looking for inspiration, I would recommend Creativity, Inc.

4/5 stars

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Thanks so much, Frances! I love Pixar and reading about things like this so I’ll definitely need to check this out.

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