favorite book friday

Favorite Book Friday: Maddie from Caramel and Salt

favorite book friday


Hey everyone! Today I’m really excited to have Maddie on the blog! You should all take the chance to check out her own blog and say hello to her-she’s so sweet! Check below to see her thoughts on a great book!

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On the Road

Hey! It’s Maddie from Caramel and Salt here to talk about my all time favorite book, On the Road by Jack Kerouac. I’m mostly a lifestyle (food, college life, etc.) blogger, but I absolutely love reading and am part of the A Beautiful Mess monthly book club. And I cannot wait to tell you all about On the Road!

I remember hearing about Jack Kerouac sometime in high school (I think it was sophomore year) and he really piqued my interest. On the Road is his most well-known book, but if you’re interested in him after reading my post, you should definitely check out his other books as well (Big Sur is my second favorite of his books!).

On the Road was originally written as one huge paragraph on Kerouac’s typewriter, and he taped together each piece of paper, making one long scroll in the end. I read the original version of his book, so I read over 300 pages of one paragraph and without all of his raunchier scenes and friends’ real names edited out. I definitely recommend reading On the Road this way, although it might take you a while to finish the book because it’s definitely not easy to power through one huge paragraph!

On the Road is one of the most famous pieces of Beatnik literature and really captures everything about the 1950s and 1960s. Kerouac wrote On the Road as a sort of autobiography of his earlier life when he was hitchhiking around the US. While reading through his account of his travels, you can really imagine how the US was during that time period. Everyone was so free and the Beat movement really kicked off, introducing sexual freedom, amazing literature and poetry, and most hardcore drugs. This is definitely a racy book and not for the faint of heart, but I really love Kerouac’s writing and how his love for this time period and just his general love of the freedom he experienced shines through. He mostly writes in stream of consciousness, so he can be hard to follow, but his writing is absolutely beautiful because of this.

On the Road is definitely a classic piece of American literature and since I don’t want to give too much away, you should definitely take the time to read it! (Also, there’s a movie that was recently made based on the book, but it’s definitely not as good as the book and you should only watch it after reading On the Road!)

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I’ve never heard of this book before! I guess that means I definitely need to read it. Thanks for the post Maddie!

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