favorite book friday

Favorite Book Friday: Sarah from A Rose in the City

favorite book friday

Hey everyone! Today I’m so excited to share with you a post made by Sarah, blogger at A Rose in the City. She’s so sweet and her blog definitely reflects that, so please stop over there and say hello to her!

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Hi Everyone! I’m so excited to be posting here about one of my favorite books and to join in on Favorite Book Friday! The book I chose is The Opposite of Loneliness by Marina Keegan.


I’d heard about Marina Keegan, the Yale student who was killed just days after graduating, when her essay, The Opposite of Loneliness was published on Yale Daily News and subsequently went viral on my Facebook newsfeed. I loved the essay she wrote for graduation and I thought it was so poignant and honest for such a young person and it really resonated with me on a deep level. I found out later that she was to have a book published posthumously and I knew immediately that I wanted to read it.

When I saw the book at my local library, I jumped at the wait list and then voraciously read it. The essays and stories inside tell of such a mature young person it’s kind of crazy. I love her style of writing and I only wish there was an opportunity to read more. There was just so much about this book that I was able to relate to and connect with. This book explains in as many words the millennial generation and I thought it was reflective of her life and the lives of millennials. I’d recommend this book to anyone at the start of their career in college since a lot of subject matter is so intriguing and personal for our generation.

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Wow. I’ve never heard of this book and I’m already tempted to pick it up; even though it’s not what I typically read, it looks like something every college-age person (and those who want to understand that age group) should pick up. Thank you, Sarah!

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Want to join in the fun? Email me at caughtbetweenthepagesblog at gmail dot com so you can send in your own favorite book post!

3 thoughts on “Favorite Book Friday: Sarah from A Rose in the City

  1. Oh my god, I’ve been wanting to read that book for a while now – since my little browsing trip at Waterstones the other day! It’s so nice to hear some positive feedback from this book. I wonder if it’ll be heartbreaking though, to read something written by someone so young, who was gone way before her time …


    1. That’s what I was thinking! They’re selling this book in my school store and I’m incredibly tempted to buy it. I think it’ll be great but also depressing that this writer wasn’t able to grow and write more. :/


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