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Explosion Luck Tibetan Thangka Wearable Art Pendant Necklaces and Feng Shui jewelry

**This is a sponsored post** is an online marketplace filled with Feng Shui pieces — art, jewelry, and more. There’s a little something on the site for everyone, whether it’s your first or fiftieth time out looking from something to compliment your decor or jewelry collection.

At you can find exceptional pieces like this necklace. The jewelry, aptly labeled as ‘wearable art’, is a piece that will bring compliments to your wardrobe. The crystal pendants available in the shop (like this White Tara piece) sit close to your heart and make a wonderful gift–to yourself or a friend. If someone you know if getting married, add one of these necklaces to the bridal shower gift. The Feng Shui jewelry selection is filled with beautiful pieces, not gaudy but proud and peaceful. It’s just the thing a woman would like to hold onto for balance and serenity while going through a change in life such as getting married. Alternatively, a bride could give out identical or individualized pieces to her bridesmaids as a gift to each of the women for standing by her throughout her wedding!

Another beautiful necklace from, a jade pendant featuring twin dragons

Feng Shui art is another big feature of the sight, with dozens of carefully crafted pieces to sort through. Many pieces are on gorgeous stretched canvas, are framed, or are beautiful tapestries. Of course, the walls aren’t the only piece of a room which need to be decorated. Feng Shui art provider Explosion Luck also unique sculptures available for purchase. The Inuit art is truly one-of-a-kind and a great addition to any space. They could also be given as wonderful gifts to a friend who needs to fill a new home with warm, inspiring, and inviting pieces.

You can easily view the rest of the art available at here. Tibetan Thangka are some of the more popular pieces featured because they are known to bring good luck and prosperity. Hang a tapestry in your home or work office environment and see your productivity and career goals rise alongside your aspirations.

Tibetan Thangka jewelry is certain to enliven and enrich the life of the bearer, as well as create a new path of prosperity.


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