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Grasshopper Art Statues- Unique Must-Have Gifts for Men, Women, and Kids

Explosion Luck is provider of unique gifts, Feng Shui paintings and Feng Shui jewelry:

The website features an awesome array of different pieces of art and jewelry, perfect gifts which promote success, prosperity, wealth, and positive energy through their Feng Shui properties!

On the website you can browse through a variety of categories–statues, paintings, gifts, and jewelry are all available here. One special series that’s available is a Feng Shui art collection of 12 unique grasshopper statues:

Each grasshopper can promote good luck and feelings in a home or office space! There are many different types to choose between. They all have catchy names, too, like St. Nicky  and Your Honor, both pictured above. See the list for yourself here:

Of course, with the holidays coming up fast (and I know it’s impossible to avoid them, because the decorations and gifts go out earlier each year!) this is a perfect time to pick up a gift like this. Whether you’d like to indulge yourself or think that this would be perfect for your spouse, friend, or family member, you can order one of these statues in time for whatever holiday you prefer to celebrate.


On you can find all of these gift options and more, at almost any price point you may have in mind. Check out the other grasshopper statues to pick out the one with the perfect color scheme and statement you’d like to make!





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