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Top 10 2015 Releases I MEANT to Read


This happens to me every. Year. There are books I’m so extremely excited to get to . . Then I get distracted and end up reading something else instead. Here are the ones that I’m going to end up reading in 2016 because 2015 just didn’t have enough time for reading in it!

1. Six of Crows. I absolutely loved Leigh Bardugo’s Shadow and Bone trilogy so I ordered this one as soon as it came out. It’s still on the TBR pile.

2. Shadow Scale. The problem with this one is that I LOVED the first book, Seraphina, but it took so long for the sequel to come out that I feel like I need to reread the first book before I get around to this one.

3. Invasion of the Tearling. The Queen of the Tearling was really great, but dense. Lately I’ve been wanting something a little easier to read so I’ve been putting this one off.

4. Queen of Shadows. So far, I have every book in Sarah J. Maas’ series apart from this one. It isn’t my favorite, but I do believe it gets better with each book, so I’m excited to read this one.

5. Never Never. A Peter Pan retelling. PETER PAN.

6. Zeroes. I attended a signing for this book and I STILL HAVEN’T READ IT.

7. The Lies About Truth. Courtney Stevens’ debut novel, Faking Normal,  was AMAZING, so I’m sure this book will be great as well; I just haven’t picked it up yet!



7 thoughts on “Top 10 2015 Releases I MEANT to Read

    1. I do that so often, I can’t judge! I did read Afterworlds though and it was pretty good–though it was so huge that for a while I didn’t pick it up just because of the size!


    1. I’m really relieved to hear that you like Six of Crows because I don’t want to get TOO hyped for it. I love the Grisha so I want it to be just as good! I’ve been having a tough time with the Throne of Glass series, so I’m hoping it’ll be a hit for me too!


  1. I didn’t manage to get to Six of Crows, either. BUT I finally own a physical copy, so I really have no excuse not to read it as soon as possible (meaning: as soon as I read and review some of the copious review copies I have)! I hope we both love it when we read it, Kayla 😀

    I agree that the Throne of Glass books get better with each book, because Queen of Shadows is definitely my favourite of the series so far! It used to be kind of a tie between The Assassin’s Blade and Heir of Fire, which were both four stars, but Queen of Shadows managed to get a five star rating from me, which was pretty exciting because the first book was only two stars *laughs*

    I hope you manage to read all these books 😀

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