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Top 10 Books I’ve Recently Added to My TBR Pile


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1.  The World of William Joyce Scrapbook. I love William Joyce and his characters (who I discovered first through the animated movie Rise of the Guardians!). He has such an interesting mind and I want to learn more about the man behind the imagination!

2. Lumberjanes. I want to get into reading more graphic novels so, yes, this to the max.

3. Blackhearts. A RETELLING OF BLACKBEARD??!!!??

4. Stars Above. I finished the Lunar Chronicles but I desperately need more. I. Need. This.

5. Passenger. Alexandra Bracken is one of my favorite authors!

6. A Whole New World. An Aladdin retelling? I don’t think I’ve read one of those before. Published by Disney? YES.

7. The Weight of Feathers. Two families, two competing sideshows, a whole lot of intrigue.

8. The Blue-Haired Boy. I absolutely love Courtney Stevens’ book Faking Normal so I want to read this prequel novella!

9. Faceless. After a tragic freak accident, the main character undergoes a face transplant.

10. Mirrored. I really need to get back into reading Alex Flinn’s retold fairy tales!

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