4 stars · fairy tale · series

Cold Spell, a retold fairy tale to make you shiver



Cold Spell

Fairytale Retellings #4

author : jackson pearce

pages : [hardcover] 323

memorable quote :

Maybe all you can do, when your world is burning, is hold on to the thing you love the most.

favorite characters : ginny & lucas

summary :

Kai and Ginny grew up together–best friends since they could toddle around their building’s rooftop rose garden. Now they’re seventeen, and their relationship has developed into something sweeter, complete with stolen kisses and plans to someday run away together.

But one night, Kai disappears with a mysterious stranger named Mora–a beautiful girl with a dark past and a heart of ice. Refusing to be cast aside, Ginny goes after them and is thrust into a world she never imagined, one filled with monsters and thieves and the idea that love is not enough.

If Ginny and Kai survive the journey, will she still be the girl he loved–and moreover, will she still be the girl who loved him?

review :

I’ve been reading the Fairytale Retellings series for a long while now. It’s one of those series where the books don’t necessarily need to be read in order, or you could pick and choose which you’d prefer to read. They’re more like companion novels than a cohesive whole. Maybe that explains how this book managed to be released three years ago and completely escape my notice until a few months ago. How? Why? I don’t even know how I found out about it eventually. But I do know I’m glad I bought it.

Sisters Red will forever be my favorite, but Cold Spell comes a close second. Ginny is such a strong leading lady and I love how fiercely she loves Kai–and desperately wants a life and love for herself. She’s never had a real family and, while she’s searching for her true love who’s been kidnapped by the Snow Queen, she’s really searching for her sense of self. And runs into some rather weird and unpredictable problems on the way. Yeah, I definitely never saw those coming.

What I really love about these books is that they read like fairytales, even though they’re settled in the modern era. Ginny really feels like she’s on a quest, and it’s modernized in the most realistic (and, somewhat contradictory to itself, fantastical) way. She’s fighting each step of the way and you’ll end up rooting for her too, I promise.

It’s been a while since I read the other books in this series so, as soon as I finished, I felt the immediate urge to gather up all of the books and do a reading binge so that I can catch all of the little connections in all of the books. Some are not so obvious, and I love that it’s like putting together a puzzle to see how these pieces fit together.

I would definitely recommend this book, although I’m not sure if this is the end of the retellings or not. Until then, I highly recommend these four!

4/5 stars

5 thoughts on “Cold Spell, a retold fairy tale to make you shiver

  1. I really think I need to pick up these books because they sound so lovely! I always like The Snow Queen, because it’s the girl saving the guy for once, and it’s awesome.

    I like the fact that these are fairytale retellings set in the modern world. I don’t really feel like we have enough of these, and I think it would be so interesting to see how it all fits together.

    And finding connections between companion novels is always so fun! I hope there’s a next book, since you like the series so much 😀

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