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That time I met Marissa Meyer

Marissa Meyer is currently touring for her latest book, Stars AboveAnd because I’m absolutely obsessed with her Lunar Chronicles series, I drove out to one of her tour stops because I couldn’t resist the chance to hear her speak and have her sign all of my books. Of course, I dressed as Scarlet for the event, because Scarlet is amazing and everyone should want to emulate her in their everyday life. (Plus, I want a Wolf of my own.)


Because she’s such a popular author, it was a wristbanded event. That meant my friend & I arrived about three hours (!!!) before the event was supposed to start–and even then we were behind 50 other people in line. But we were able to secure some seats near the front and settled in to began the agonizing wait for Marissa.

Meanwhile, about 20 minutes before they started the event, they realized that they’d forgotten to put up the gorgeous backdrop to the talk (meant to cover up the cookbooks that would have surrounded Marissa instead of her own books!). My friend and I watched in both awe and pity as they forced this poor man to struggle to get this backdrop strung up. It took four different tries to get it even. Props to that B&N employee.

Finally, it was time. Marissa came out to talk a little about her books, as well as Heartless, a prequel to Alice in Wonderland that is set to come out in November. She also told us all the original story of Rapunzel because she loves oral storytelling. As a fellow fairy tale lover, I especially loved this–and was surprised by how many people didn’t realize how gruesome Rapunzel truly is. Also that she is named after a kind of lettuce. (And Cress is, too!)

She also mentioned her two graphic novels she’s set to write–all new stories in the Lunar Chronicles world!! And they’re about Iko! She’s totally going to get a boyfriend. I sense it. I love it. I can’t wait!


During the Q&A, Marissa trying to painstakingly avoid spoilers, even though most of us had read the books. She did give hints about Stars Above but, surprisingly, no one managed to spoil just who is getting married in the short story included in the collection. (Have you read it yet? I need to discuss it with someone!)

After the Q&A, we got into the neverending line for the signing. Marissa was so sweet! I talked to her about my love of Scarlet and Wolf, how I was so worried for him in Winter–and apparently ended up looking like I was praying for his safety.


She assured me that I’d love Stars Above, especially because there’s a story all about Wolf’s childhood. I haven’t read it yet, because I skipped right to the wedding story, but I’m sure that I’ll fangirl all over it–and probably feel very bad for him. Because, y’know. Lunars suck.


We could only have one book personalized–guess which one I picked!

And then all of the excitement was over. Basically, it was amazing, and I’m still overly happy that this actually happened.

Have you met any of your favorite authors? Marissa Meyer? More importantly–have you read Stars Above?





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