GUEST POST & GIVEAWAY: Mending Heartstrings


Hello everyone! Today I’m featuring Mending Heartstringsa book that I’m so excited about because it looks extremely cute and like it’ll hit you right in the feels!

Aria Glazki was kind enough to write up a guest post for the blog about cover art and why it matters. Because, let’s be honest: you do judge a book by its cover.

Why Does Cover Design Matter?

Covers matter. When we’re young or discussing ideology or speaking metaphorically, we like to say otherwise. But just like your carriage when walking into an interview affects the impression you’ll make, so too does a book cover instantly affect a reader’s opinion of your book. Then again, like it or not, that’s the point.

Whether in thumbnail form on a bookseller’s site, as a lovely art print, or integrated into an author’s promotional materials, the book cover is often the very first experience a reader has with a book. A natural conclusion is that the cover represents the story—its tone, its quality, and its subject matter. A bad cover can kill any chances of sales, while a good one can encourage readers to consider the blurb or possibly even one­click a title. And despite all that, authors often have very little, if any, control over the cover representing their work. Traditionally published authors, that is.

It isn’t a secret that Mending Heartstrings was originally traditionally published. Much as I would like that first cover to stop being associated with this book, it is available in plenty of places online. Of course, I had no say in that first cover. The publisher purchased it, informed me, and that was (almost) that. I managed to convince them to replace the original head of wheat with a guitar pick so that the cover would have at least some connection to my story, but that was it.


Let’s look at the two covers side by side:


Original Cover

New Cover


From the colors—faded, tan tones on the left and a vibrant mix on the right—to the subject matter, the differences are immeasurable. While the cover on the left could be a nice fit for a calm, quiet book, it does nothing to represent the story of passion, music, and longing that is Mending Heartstrings. The cover on the right, however… Well, I’ll leave you to make your own conclusions, because I could gush about it endlessly. And before the question of the designer’s abilities comes up, both covers were designed by the fantastic Christa at Paper & Sage. The only difference was who made the choice—my original publisher, or me.

Though neither on its own is terrible—and there are plenty of terrible covers out there—these two covers represent entirely different moods and subjects. If you’re looking for an uplifting romance, which cover would draw your eye?

Which would encourage you to pause and read the blurb? Which gives you an idea of the characters involved? In my opinion (and I hope you’ll agree), the cover on the right wins hands down.

This is why cover design is touted as so important. Covers are at the forefront of all the marketing efforts; it’s their job to lure a reader and to provide an instant sense of what kind of story lies within. There’s a reason why so many romance novels once had Fabio on the cover: readers would know in less than a second what genre lay inside. This is also why, with one choice, the fate of a book can be sealed. And why I am thrilled to finally have a cover that does Mending Heartstrings justice.


Enter to win a Mending Heartstrings fold up bag, autographed magnetic cover art print, and a limited edition notebook!

Find the giveaway at the link below:


Can’t wait any longer? Buy the book here:


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