4 stars · adult · series

Remembrance by Meg Cabot continues one of my favorite series



The Mediator #7

author : meg cabot

pages : [paperback] 388

favorite character : jesse

summary :

Fifteen years after the release of the first Mediator novel, #1 New York Times bestselling author Meg Cabot returns with a deliciously sexy new entry to a fan-favorite series. Suze Simon—all grown up and engaged to her once-ghostly soulmate—faces a vengeful spirit and an old enemy bent on ending Suze’s wedded bliss before it begins.

You can take the boy out of the darkness.

But you can’t take the darkness out of the boy.

All Susannah Simon wants is to make a good impression at her first job since graduating from college (and since becoming engaged to Dr. Jesse de Silva).

But when she’s hired as a guidance counselor at her alma mater, she stumbles across a decade-old murder, and soon ancient history isn’t all that’s coming back to haunt her. Old ghosts as well as new ones are coming out of the woodwork, some to test her, some to vex her, and it isn’t only because she’s a mediator, gifted with second sight.

From a sophomore haunted by the murderous specter of a child, to ghosts of a very different kind—including Paul Slater, Suze’s ex, who shows up to make a bargain Suze is certain must have come from the Devil himself—Suze isn’t sure she’ll make it through the semester, let alone to her wedding night.

Suze is used to striking first and asking questions later. But what happens when ghosts from her past—including one she found nearly impossible to resist—strike first?

What happens when old ghosts come back to haunt you?

If you’re a mediator, you might have to kick a little ass.

review :

I absolutely loved The Mediator series when I first started reading it. I remember picking up the first book back when I was in seventh grade and loving it so, so much. It wasn’t until a few years later that I actually realized that there were more books in the series and struggled to find them available at Barnes & Noble (because this was before the days when I could just go online and pick out whatever I wanted, whenever I wanted). I was so pumped when I heard that Meg Cabot was continuing the series, this time with some adult novels. Now that I’m nearly out of college (!!), it’s like I’ve grown up with Suze and Jesse.

Unfortunately, I feel like maybe I personally put too many expectations on this book. For starters, it was longer than the other books were, maybe because it’s an adult novel. That meant that in places the plot felt really drawn out and I wasn’t even certain of where it was going because there were so many little side-plots happening. Of course, favorite characters kept popping up throughout the book, and I loved seeing them again. Cabot also kept the same tone and writing style in this book that I loved so much in the original Mediator books.

Some things were a little problematic for me. For instance, Suze is desperate to be ‘together’ with Jesse, officially, because they’re engaged and know they’re soulmates. Literally every time she sees him, she goes off on a tangent about how he won’t let them sleep together yet. I mean, let the guy have a break, Suze. He obviously adores you, has saved your life countless times, and is keeping himself away from you for religious reasons.

Then there was the whole thing about Paul Slater coming back when I hoped he’d have gotten himself locked up in prison sometime between the ending of the young adult books and the start of this one. You’d think those extra years of experience would have taught Suze not to keep secrets about Paul from others but, apparently, she can’t help but fall back on those old tricks. Paul was as disgusting a villain as usual, so . . . I’m really hoping Suze will be able to help out and/or watch his life be destroyed at some point.

Still, it was nice to have the gang back together again. Suze is ready to kick ghostly and human butt. The little moments of tense action that surround her really reminded me of the other books, which I thought was a nice touch.

I still really enjoyed this book, despite building up my expectations too much. I’d really recommend them–but read the other books first!

4/5 stars

5 thoughts on “Remembrance by Meg Cabot continues one of my favorite series

  1. Oh yay! I’m glad you read & enjoyed it. I totally agree with you about the drawn out plot. I wanted to love this much more than I did but that doesn’t mean it wasn’t a fun & nostalgic read.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yeah, I loved it for what it was! If this had been the beginning of a completely new series, I might not have even liked it as much as I did. But because of the fun references and history for Jesse and Suze, it worked!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. I’m so happy you liked this one! 😀 I know some people haven’t been so keen on it, but I still really liked it.

    I have to agree that there were some things that weren’t so great, which is why I didn’t end up loving it QUITE as much as I had adored the YA books in high school. But it was still so wonderful to go back to these characters and see where they ended up as adults.

    I actually really want another adult installment, because I love Suze’s voice, and the storylines that Cabot thinks up for her Mediator books 😀

    Lovely review, Kayla ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I was just so happy to have it! I can’t believe she’s actually writing more books! 😀
      I’m not sure of how many others she plans to write, but I know that I’ll end up reading them all! I’m hoping there’s a lot more ghost butt-kicking in the next and less Paul, haha!


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