Ten books I just won’t shut up about


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1. Daughter of Smoke and Bone is MY FAVORITE BOOK EVER!!! So of course if someone wants a book recommendation this is the one I immediately reach for.

2. Cinder is probably one of my favorite fairy tale retellings–and because those are my favorite books to read, it has very stiff competition. Plus now that the last book has come out and I know that I love the entire series, I can whole-heartedly recommend it without fearing it will eventually go downhill.

3. The Rest of Us Just Live Here or basically anything by Patrick Ness because he is an amazing author and I had the amazing opportunity to meet him once and he was amazing. I could gush about his wonderful stories and even more fantastical writing skills all day every day.

4. The Mediator series by Meg Cabot was one of the first series I fell in love with in middle school (and it’s being continued by adult installments right NOW!!). But these stories are timelessly entertaining, very short, and appropriately small enough to bring around with you everywhere.

5. Unwind is such a scary book that isn’t even in the horror category. What’s terrible about it is that with all of these technological advances, something like this could totally happen in real life. But Neal Shusterman is another author where I’d buy any book he writes.

6. Tyger Tyger, first of all, made me fall in love with one of my favorite bands, Future of Forestry. And it has Irish myth in it. IRISH MYTH.

7. The Princess Bride is amazing. Both the movie and the book. But most people, even those who love the movie, don’t realize that the book is just as hilarious and awesome and wonderful, so I push it on people as often as possible.

8. The Thief is one of my favorite books that I randomly picked up at the bookstore one day, not realizing that I was purchasing something I’d read dozens of times… and now I have the urge to read it again. It’s reminiscent of Greek mythology, its main character is full of snarky commentary, and the plot twists you’ll never suspect.

9. Stormbreaker is one of the books that first got me hooked on reading. I randomly picked it up because my cousin was giving away a box of his books and this spy story was AMAZING. And, little did I know that it was an entire series I could delight in for years to come.

10. Peter and the Starcatchers has been on my mind a lot lately because a play was adapted from it and it’s coming near me soon, so I desperately want to get the chance to see it. These books are so incredibly unique and fun retellings! So basically I talk about this book to anyone who’ll listen.


11 thoughts on “Ten books I just won’t shut up about

  1. OMG, The Thief! Please tell me you’ve read the rest of the series because this is literally one of my favorite series EVER. Seriously obsessed. I haven’t read any of the newer Mediator books, but I binge-read the original 6 books within a week when I was in high school and was in love with them. (Also, hey!)


    1. YES YES YES YES I love all of them and wish that more books would come out!! The Thief books are just so incredible! The new Mediator book isn’t amazing, but it’s really reminiscent of the older ones so it was fun! 🙂


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