5 stars · paranormal · young adult

Cathy’s Key is an awesome + romantic + paranormal mystery


Cathy’s Key

Cathy Vickers Trilogy #2
Book 1: Cathy’s Book

author : jordan weisman

illustrator : cathy brigg

pages : [hardcover] 144

favorite character : cathy

memorable quote :

summary :

Cathy’s Book was literally a word-of-mouth success story, with over 120,000 copies of the groundbreaking, interactive teen novel in print. Perhaps less noticeable was the heart of the book: a good story well told. Now fans of Cathy Vickers will return to the exciting, unpredictable world that made the first book such a success. Cathy was your average high school student-doodling in the margins of her journal, crushing on a cute boy, and hanging out with her best friend Emma. As this story begins, she’s trying to keep a job, her journal is stolen, the cute boy is not who he seems to be, and even Emma’s side project/start-up company, Doubletalk Wireless, is about to get caught up in the mystery surrounding Cathy and her search for the truth about her father. Her presumed-dead father. It’s just a simple story really: Girl loves Boy, Boy disappears, Girl discovers secret that will alter the course of humanity….

review :

I absolutely loved the first book in this series so of course I needed to continue it when I realized that there were more. Cathy and Victor, and the rest of the gang, all return. This is one of those books where you’re like yeah falling in love with an immortal sounds like a terrible idea and every character, Cathy and Victor included, agrees and tries to find a happier solution to the whole situation. Plus there is the awkward fact that Victor’s dad is either going to try to date Cathy or kill her. Plus Cathy hasn’t been a great friend to her closest confidant, Emma, so there’s drama that is a little more relatable there.

I loved this sequel. There were more twists that I couldn’t have predicted and new characters to tangle with. The conspiracy of the immortals truly is beginning to reach its peak. Just when you think that it can’t get any crazier, it does. I mean, these people have been around for hundreds of years so they’ve had plenty of time to amass great wealth and power. Add that to the fact that they know they can never be killed and Cathy has some pretty formidable enemies against her. But it was also interesting to see the odd assortment of allies that banded together to support her.

These books are so unique I feel like no review will give them justice. The story itself is fairly short, but captivating, and the inked drawings on the pages just bring the text to life. The little pocket of ‘evidence’ collected by Cathy and Co. just makes the story that much more believable (and creepier, considering the murder and intrigue going on here).

I wish that more people knew about these books. Reading Cathy’s Key just made me excited to get my hands on the third (and final!) book in this trilogy.

5/5 stars


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