4 stars · science fiction

New Suicide Squad, Volume 2: Monsters


New Suicide Squad Volume 2: Monsters
Volume 1: Pure Insanity

author : sean ryan

pages : [paperback] 144

favorite character : harley

summary :

A breakaway fraction of the League of Assassins has their eyes locked on the Suicide Squad. With new recruits in tow, influtrating the deadly group requires extreme measures and dead squad members. Who will push the limits and who will fall? How will Harley deal with her greatest enemy: boredom?

review :

I picked up this volume because I really enjoyed the first one. Now all I’m thinking about is how long it’s going to be until the next volume comes out and I can request that at the library too.

This New Suicide Squad is slightly different because the team is different. Joker’s Daughter is apparently off in an asylum somewhere, replaced by . . some guy who has boomerangs. Their mission this time splits the team in two, with three infiltrating an elite cult organization and the others waiting to bust them out when the time is right and the undercover villains know what terrible weapon this cult has in store for the world. Except it isn’t the greatest idea, is it, to send actual villains into a facility that is also run by villains. Nothing can go smoothly for the Suicide Squad, so naturally chaos ensues.

I thought that this was interesting because, with my not having read anything else with the villains in it, this volume helped to develop the characters for me a little more. Just seeing how they reacted to this oppressive regime really struck home how different even the baddest villains can be. No two people will react the same to any situation, and I found myself respecting villains because of their choices where otherwise I might have hated them.

I enjoyed this volume more than the first just because I feel like the collection was more cohesive in general and I personally liked the storyline a little more. Like I said before, I can’t wait to read more and see if the team is a little different in the third volume as well.

4/5 stars


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