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Marvel-ous Mondays: I finally read Captain America! All-New Captain America Volume 1


All-New Captain America Vol.1: Hydra Ascendant 

author : rick remender

pages : [hardcover] 136

favorite character : steve

summary :

The spy-fi, high-flying adventures of Sam Wilson — the all-new Captain America — begin here! Hydra has infiltrated society completely, but why? Cap’s new partnership with Nomad is tested as they race to uncover the Sect of the Unknown, but Hydra gathers Steve Rogers’ old rogues’ gallery to take down the new heroes! The all-new Captain America battles Sin and Baron Blood, and uncovers the new Hydra’s ultimate goal — but is it too late? Millions of innocent souls hang in the balance — but broken and nearly dead from Hydra’s gauntlet, can Cap stop the Great Leveling? In the face of Zemo’s atrocities, Sam Wilson will earn his stripes — make the single greatest sacrifice of his life — and he will never be the same again. The stage is set for the Age of Hydra!


review :

Captain America is currently my favorite superhero and because I’ve only experienced his story through the movies, I wanted to start reading the comics. Maybe it wasn’t the best decision to begin with a more recent story arc without much preamble because there was a lot in All-New Captain America that ended up confusing me. As in, who the heck is Nomad? Who are all of these villains? Why is Sam taking on Captain America’s mantle now? And a few of those questions were actually answered in the volume. The rest, I guess I’ll have to backtrack to find out a little more.

Sam is trying to prove himself as Cap, because everyone knows and loves Steve whereas Falcon was more of a sidekick. He never saved the world all on his own. Now that he’s Cap, he has a lot more responsibility. It was interesting to see how he held up against and responded to that kind of pressure. You have to have respect for someone who’s going up against such odds even before he gets to the bad guys.

I also LOVE that there’s such a full backstory for Sam here. We learn more about his motivations and dreams for the future, how they were shaped by the family he’s lost as well as the family he’s managed to keep with him. In the films, there isn’t as much time to develop his character. I loved and respected him already–new I’m DEFINITELY ready to see him take shape more fully.

Another thing I really loved (and hated) in this collection was the ending. I’m still new to comics, but so far a plot twist hasn’t gotten to me like the one at the end of this volume did. Maybe I should have expected it, but to me it seemed to come out of nowhere and I loved being surprised like that.

I’m really interested in seeing what else will happen with Sam, Steve, and the rest of the crew throughout this story arc. I’ll impatiently wait to get my hands on more.

5/5 stars


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