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Starfire Vol. 1: Welcome Home was AMAZING


Starfire Vol. 1: Welcome Home

author : amanda conner

pages : [paperback] 160

favorite character : starfire

summary :

Starfire stars for the first time in her very own on-going series!

Florida is so nice this time of year…the warm weather…the beach…and Starfire beating the crud out of the bad guys! You should really try to get down there and see for yourself. Starfire picks up the pieces and finds her new home in the aftermath of the storm! But while our hero helps her community heal, a creature from the underworld emerges to threaten all she hopes to protect! What is this creature’s hidden motive? And why does it seem to get bigger every time Starfire punches it? From the minds behind HARLEY QUINN comes STARFIRE in her first ever solo series!

Collects STARFIRE #1-6.

review :

I did not expect to love Starfire as much as I did, and now I wish this volume had been twice as long.

I knew Starfire as a hero from Teen Titans (yes, the TV show, and yes, I used to love it) so was excited to see what new adventures she could go on in this different universe and when she’s not restricted by being a teen. Well, first of all, let’s get this out of the way: Literally every guy in the comic falls in love with her at first sight, because of her body. I mean, it seems like Star likes to show it off, but when she seems to be, uh, bursting out everywhere, it can get to be a little distracting. I think it would be fun to see her encounter some people in the next issue who aren’t interested in women, or who aren’t physically attracted..

Apart from that, this volume was a lot of fun. I loved Starfire’s thought bubbles as she constantly misconstrues typical phrases and saying we people of Earth have. Even though she has the ability to immediately understand and speak other languages, that doesn’t necessarily mean that all of those hidden meanings compute. That leads to some funny situations and mix-ups.

I also loved her team up and dynamic with Sheriff Gomez. Gomez just wants to help out Starfire, even if it is a little weird having an alien princess decide to hole up in Key West to start a “normal” life. I think we all know that things can’t remain normal around Starfire for long, no matter how much she might desire otherwise. Even when natural disasters occur, Star is there to try to save the day and keep these humans on her new planet safe.

I want to see more, though. I want her to have more confidence in herself and I want to have her face her past. I want her to find some balance between the easy, normal life she craves and the dangerous, potentially lethal danger that always seems to be tracking her. Welcome Home is just the first volume in what I’m sure is going to be an arc that I’m going to love. I just can’t wait to see what comes next.

5/5 stars

One thought on “Starfire Vol. 1: Welcome Home was AMAZING

  1. Ah, this sounds really good! I’ve recently discovered a love for graphic novels, and I am always looking for new ones to devour.

    I’m really picky about art and colours, but from the cover of this one it looks like it will be okay with me 😀 (I sound so snobby, haha).

    The main character sounds really cute, and it seems like there is a lot of room for growth, which is always awesome. It’s a bit of a shame about the “everyone loves her” storyline, so I hope they introduce characters who aren’t interested in her that way.

    I hope you don’t have to wait too long for volume 2!


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