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Ten facts about me you never knew you wanted to know


1. I did the Disney College Program, Spring 2015, and I’m going back for another DCP this fall.

2. I’m actually starting a vlog channel for my Disney adventures (and probably for bookish videos too).

3. I have another blog devoted to the DCP. (don’t worry, not all of my facts are Disney related!)

4. I won NaNoWriMo in 2014 and actually have the manuscript up on SwoonReads now.

5. I’m in the middle of completing the first book in a trilogy that’s an intense retelling of Rapunzel. Witches and humans are at war. Rapunzel’s an assassin. It’s amazing. (And if you’re interested in being critique partners, let me know!)

6. I just graduated from college in May with a bachelor’s in English.

7. I love to play tennis and was captain of my high school’s varsity tennis team.

8. My favorite book of all time is Daughter of Smoke and Bone and I’m SO EXCITED for Laini Taylor’s new book this fall.

9. My favorite movie superhero is Captain America but in comics I love the new Ms. Marvel.

10. Last but not least . . grilled cheese is my ultimate weakness.



9 thoughts on “Ten facts about me you never knew you wanted to know

  1. KAYLA!!!!!!!!!! I WANNA READ YOUR RAPUNZEL BOOK, LIKE, RIGHT NOW!!!!!!! ❀ ❀ ❀ I've been so excited about it for ages!

    Did you send me the entire manuscript for Never Say Goodbye a while ago? I know you've sent me bits and pieces . . . and I'm a terrible friend and fangirl for not having read it by now if you've sent me the whole thing. XP

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