1 star · adult · fiction

DNF Review: Somebody Else’s Business by Charlton James


Somebody Else’s Business

author : charlton james

pages : [paperback] 400

summary :

Somebody Else’s Business, embarks on the lives of everyday people facing dilemmas of circumstance and fate. The fascinating journey begins with John and Kelly’s wholesome love affair and their expectant wedding date. Circumstance begins with the deployment of John, and the acceptance and trust with Tiffany. John sends Tiffany a letter of reassurance on his love, drizzling from one relationship to another, snowballing the lives of others bringing guilt, destroying trust, honor and relationships. How do we handle somebody Else’s Business? Whether measured with the soft touch or the hard hand, prepare for the circumstances that follow when dealing with Somebody Else’s Business.

review :

I think that this book had a lot of potential. Unfortunately, the way that the story was taken, it just wasn’t for me.

The book begins with an “about the author” that details how this manuscript caught the attention of an unnamed production company and, for some reason, James decided to self-publish the manuscript instead. It’s a little confusing to me that something that could potentially have been made into a film wasn’t picked up by a mainstream publisher. I feel like this novel might have been better off in some other form.

I read over fifty pages of this book and gave up before I’d gotten to any of the premise. This is the kind of book that you will enjoy if you like to hear every detail of the characters’ lives, but they seem much too perfect, perky, and unrealistic in these beginning pages. Everyone seems to love them. The other characters they meet are stereotypes of people that seem to be placed into random roles surrounding them.

There are also some basic typos in this book that are disappointing because they appear so often I feel like they should have been caught. The characters’ dialogue is also stranger, stilted, and doesn’t flow well. It’s hard to say much more because I’m not sure when in the book the basic plot structure was set to begin.

I feel like someone out there would probably enjoy Somebody Else’s Business, but that just wasn’t me.

1/5 stars




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