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Reread Reflection: Because You’ll Never Meet Me by Leah Thomas


How do you review a book after you’ve already read it? Review the reread!

I loooooooooove this book.

I don’t just like it, L-O-V-E it. So much so that I needed to buy a physical copy of it after first reading the ebook, probably because I needed something to hug with delight after my re-read.

I’ve honestly never read something like Because You’ll Never Meet Me. That stands true even in the re-read. What fascinated me this time around was that there are details in here, tiny ones, that seem irrelevant unless you know what’s going to play a role in book two. Author Leah Thomas was already dropping hints about that plot, and it’s amazing because it isn’t particularly necessary but makes everything seem that much cooler to me.

Just knowing the ending of Nowhere Near You, the sequel, makes reading Because You’ll Never Meet Me even more of a pleasure. No spoilers, of course, even though I could gush about Ollie and Moritz for days. Their characters are so nuanced, imperfect, lovable, kind, frustrating . . . There aren’t many books these days that make me think back to my roots of fanfiction and what I’d want to write about these characters if there aren’t more books made of them. Please give me more books with them.

Basically, Because You’ll Never Meet Me is a book that grows even bigger in your heart, the more often you read it. So if you haven’t picked it up yet . . . what are you waiting for?

Basically me throughout the whole book:





3 thoughts on “Reread Reflection: Because You’ll Never Meet Me by Leah Thomas

  1. YES TO EVERYTHING IN THIS POST. Like, it DID get better for me the second time around? Like, how is that even possible? Normally I like books LESS the more I read them but with this one it was just so much better (though, of course, it was brilliant the first time around, as well). I cannot wait to re-read it again now that I’ve read Nowhere Near You because I want to read those hints you mentioned!

    I really, really hope that this isn’t the end for our boys because there is so much more to their journey!


  2. That gif is so accurate!
    I loved this book to pieces – Ollie and Moritz are so pure and adorable. My heart will literally break if I don’t get to read about them again because there’s so much more I want to know.
    I’m glad you enjoyed your reread! After finishing Nowhere Near You I wanted to reread these two books over and over again, but I think I might save my rereads for a rainy day when I’m missing these characters particularly badly ❤

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    1. I refuse to believe there won’t be more about them because their story together is only just beginning! I waited from October until now to reread, so maybe give yourself at least 6 months before you dive into it again. But you’ll love it just as much! ❤


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