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Reread Review: The Thief by Megan Whalen Turner


How do you review a book after you’ve already read it? Review the reread!

Dearest readers, I don’t think that I can rightly explain to you how much I love this book. I mean, I read it for the first time in the eighth grade, and now here I am, twenty-three and still loving it.

Yes, I’m old now, but that’s beside the point.

This is the kind of book that lasts. It’s the kind of book that makes you think, and delve into the mythology, and desperately want more. I didn’t realize for years after reading this that there was a sequel–and do you know how happy I was when I found out there was another book written in this world? And book five was just recently released. Imagine my head exploding. From happiness. From all the good things.

Well, bad things do happen in this book, but at least they’re beautifully written bad things.

The thing that makes The Thief stand out so much for me, even all of these years on, are the characters. The Thief himself, Gen, is kind of a sarcastic asshole, but he’s a criminal, so you shouldn’t expect anything less. The best part is that there are plenty of characters who don’t let him get away with that, which leads to plenty of banter. I don’t think there’s a piece of dialogue in here that seems frivolous. Everything either furthers the plot, or gives something away about the characters, or delves into the myths of this place.

Oh, and it doesn’t hurt that I met the author last month at Book Con, and a small literary piece of me died and went to that great library in the sky. Book conventions are amazing things. Anyway, I’m getting distracted.

Go read this book, if you haven’t already. And if you have–discuss it with me!



2 thoughts on “Reread Review: The Thief by Megan Whalen Turner

  1. I absolutely LOVE it when books last the test of time. I am actually kind of afraid to re-read the books I loved as a teen because I am so scared that my reading habits have changed so much that I won’t enjoy them any more >.< But I'm glad that wasn't the case with you and this book! I remember talking about it on insta and I have added it to the TBR 😀 I will try and read it ASAP so i can flail about it with you!

    Also, you're 23! I was 23 until the end of May XD Does that mean we were born in the same year? :O Are you a '93 or '94 baby?

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    1. I think there are a lot of kids books I refuse to reread because I’m afraid they won’t be the same, but at least with YA I feel like it’d hold up better? But that isn’t always the case either way! You have to reaaaaaad it. The characters are SO GREAT!!

      I am! I turned 23 in March! 1994!


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