5 stars · graphic novel · middle grade

Belle Comics Collection: a cute, humorous look at life in the Beast’s castle


pages : [hardcover] 89

summary :

Join Belle, Lumiere, Cogsworth, and all of your favorite characters from Disney Beauty and the Beast. What happens when Belle’s enchanted friends put on a stage show? How does Belle adjust to life in a magical castle? These adventures and more await in this collection of colorful comics and are sure to delight Disney fans of all ages.

review :

This comic is perfect for any Disney Princess lover or book fanatic–especially those who are a combo of the two. The collection features many different mini comics, most of which have jokes related to the animated movie or that relate to many problems or experiences bookish people have. Some of my favorite jokes were Belle’s reactions to the stories she was reading–you get to see her even more as a bookworm here than she is in the movie!

There were so many puns (which I loved, because I tell bad jokes myself . . way too often). Most of the panels seem to take place during the plot of the actual movie, before Belle and the Beast fall in love. It’s kind of like getting to peer into everyday castle life and all of the antics the characters could get up to that didn’t make it into the movie. Such as:

-how to find privacy in a castle filled with enchanted objects that look like everyday objects
-how Belle organizes her library

–and other fun stories. Easily read through in an hour, memorable, and clever enough that you’ll want to reread it again. The art style is so cute as well–it’s interesting to see the take on all of these well-known animated people. And creatures. And . . . things. Who knew Chip could get even cuter?

I highly recommend this comics collection! You’ll fall in love with it as well–more easily than Beauty fell in love with the Beast.

5/5 stars

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