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WRITERS CHAT! An interview with Shadia Omer

HELLO FRIENDS! Today I’m pleased to share an interview with Shadia Omer, aspiring TV writer and current freelancer!

Read below to hear more about her writing journey and where Shadia hopes to take her writing career!

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1. What is the first thing you remember writing?
Hmm, trying to go way back with this one. I remember in middle school I would always enjoy writing short stories that I never shared with anyone. When I started high school, I joined this online writing community website called Mibba (I think it’s still active!) with my best friend and I would write on my blog there. Short stories and a few cringe-worthy poems. Good times, good times.
2. What is your favorite thing to write about?
I grew up with so much love for TV. Watching TV was my escape and as I started getting older I realized I needed a way to channel my feelings, my thoughts on the shows I’ve been watching and just predict things that may happen on the show. So as I started writing about TV, I eventually found websites to contribute to talking about shows (doing reviews and recaps), which then ignited my passion to one day write FOR TV. So in short, my favorite thing to write about is TV and pop culture as a whole.
3. Tell me one of your writing goals.

Ooh kind of spilled this in the second question! I’m an aspiring TV writer so I’m in the works of writing a pilot/spec script soon. I keep lagging, and I don’t know why! (Writers’ block is definitely to blame!)
4. Have any particular writers inspired you?

Oh yes. For the past couple of years, I’ve been avidly following (and sometimes) interacting with other writers on Twitter. To name a few, Carina MacKenzie (creator of Roswell NM and former writer on The Originals) has been a huge inspiration to me along with Shonda Rhimes (creator of Grey’s Anatomy, Scandal, and How To Get Away WIth Murder) along with Issa Rae (Creator of Insecure).
5. Tell us about a favorite character you’ve created.

I haven’t created this one just yet but would LOVE to one day. I want to create a Black Muslim (hijabi wearing) woman with the same personality as Elenor Shellstrop from ‘The Good Place’.
6. Do you have any writing advice to share with us?
I usually am the one that asks that question! But hmm, from my experience I would honestly say to keep going and love what you write. Hone in your skills, embrace it and keep the momentum going. Even when you keep on doubting yourself (like I have), keep it going. Also, exploring different styles of writing is a plus because it’ll help you find what type attracts you the most. Also, never stop reading. Reading and writing go hand and hand.
7. What’s the last book you read?
Not done just yet– The Hating Game.

Shadia Omer is an entertainment writer, pop-culture enthusiast, and an aspiring TV writer. She’s based in San Diego, CA but will always rep being from Houston, TX instead. Catch her at San Diego Comic-Con every year as it’s the most wonderful time of the year. She watches way too much TV for her own good and has too many thoughts on it. With her passion for the TV/entertainment industry, Shadia is working to change the American-Muslim narratives on TV, pushing for authentic and inclusion representation in the media. When she’s not writing, obsessing over her love for pizza and traveling, you can find her on Twitter tweeting about her favorite shows one tweet at a time at @shadiawrites. She currently is freelancing with Den of Geek (Shadia Omer), TV contributor with Shuffle Online (Shadia Omer, Author at Shuffle Online) and Senior Writer with Talk Nerdy With Us (Shadia Omer).
Find Shadia over on Twitter:
and instagram!

THANK YOU so much for joining us, Shadia! I can’t wait for that pilot script to be finished!

WRITER’S CHAT is a weekly feature where writers from all stages of their journey come to speak to us about their craft, spreading positivity, advice, and amazing book recommendations. Join us every Saturday!

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