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My BookCon 2014 Experience!

Last week I had the wonderful opportunity to go to BookCon! While it was definitely crazy and chaotic, it was also a great experience. I might write another post talking about everything that went wrong with the day but for now I’d like to concentrate on everything that I was able to do!


First of all my friend and I arrived to the Javitts Center a little later than we probably should have. Our train came in around eight-thirty and the floor opened at nine. Because it was only open until three that didn’t give us much time to explore and find all of the goodies the floor had to offer!

The lines for the day were absolutely crazy. After arriving to a few that had already been cut off way before the signing was supposed to start, my friend and I took the time to explore what parts of the floor we could see (because we couldn’t head over to the BEA side). I stopped to pick up a signed copy of Enchanted by Starlight by Tina Hook. I hadn’t heard of it before the convention but now I’m very excited to read it! I learned about a few new books that day.

Tina Hook, author of Enchanted by Starlight!
Tina Hook, author of Enchanted by Starlight!

Then we could get in line for Alexandra Bracken. She is one of my favorite authors of all time, an absolute sweetheart, and I was excited to get her to sign my copy of The Darkest Minds as well as receiving a copy of Never Fade. Thankfully we made it to the line JUST before it was cut off because we were briefly side-swept by chaos when they decided at the last minute to ticket Libba Bray’s signing and everyone stampeded. Alexandra Bracken was my big goal of the day so I’m so excited that I got to finally meet her!

She wasn't taking photos but my friend managed to take a few for me while she signed!
Alexandra Bracken wasn’t taking photos but my friend managed to take a few for me while she signed!

Next we roamed more, picked up a few signed books wherever we went. There was a brief break for lunch, also an excuse for us to rest our tired feet, before we were up and trying to find out what else we might do with the massive lines. There was absolutely no way we were going anywhere near the John Green panel.

Conveniently we had time to head to Morgan Matson’s signing early enough to get pretty far up in the line. Though I’ve yet to read her books (I’ve heard they’re fabulous and plan on reading them all this summer!) she was absolutely kind and beautiful! I got to sit down beside her and chat a little while she signed an ebook of Since You’ve Been Gone for me that the publishers emailed to me afterward. And we were able to take a picture together! I love it!

Meeting Morgan Matson!
Meeting Morgan Matson!

Then we immediately went downstairs to get in line for the Veronica Roth and Dystopian writers panel because we’d seen ginormous lines everywhere and were afraid we wouldn’t be able to get into any panels at all. Luckily we stuck it out, as the line grew more massive and looked less and less like a line. We got into the panel! And had pretty good seats. Veronica Roth was moderating while Marie Lu, Danielle Paige, and Alaya Dawn Johnson spoke. It was so interesting to hear their different perspectives on writing dystopian, especially because Danielle Paige wrote a dystopian Wizard of Oz novel and Alaya Dawn Johnson’s dystopian included a matriarchy where they ritually kill the king every year. Couldn’t have asked for a more wonderful group of ladies to listen to!

Dorothy Paige, Marie Lu, and Alaya Dawn Johnson
Dorothy Paige, Marie Lu, and Alaya Dawn Johnson

There I was able to snag a sampler of The Young Elites by Marie Lu and Four: A Divergent Collection by Veronica Roth. I’m so excited to get my hands on both of those books!

After the panel my friend and I booked it for the bathroom-those lines were insanely long all day!-and then took the train out of the city. All in all, even though I knew BookCon could have been organized so, so much better, it was an amazing experience that I’ll never forget.

And I’m already planning my trip so that I can actually make BEA next year! 😀


I’m going to BookCon!

Hello friends! I’m so excited to be heading to BookCon this Saturday, May 31st! Is anyone else planning on going? While I’d love to be there for every day of BEA, I’m thinking that next year I might be better at tackling that monster. 🙂

The authors I’m most excited to see are Julie Kagawa and Alexandra Bracken. But it’s getting to be hard, deciding what books, authors, and panels I really want to check out. Of course, I need to make some time in my day to meet Cary Elwes from The Princess Bride. Who doesn’t love that book and movie?!

What are you going to see throughout the day? Have any great tips? I’m still attempting to narrow down what I’m bringing for the day. Food, because I heard it’s terribly overpriced there. A few personal books to get signed. Comfortable shoes so that I don’t hurt my feet walking about all day.

If you’re not able to get to BookCon this year, I’m incredibly sorry. I know exactly what it feels like to sit and watch all of the excitement happening from afar. I hope to see you all at future events!