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Favorite Book Friday: Jess from Bookworms in Dresses!

favorite book friday

Hey guys! It’s Friday again, and you know what that means: another favorite book from another blogger! Here’s Jess from Bookworms in Dresses! Check out her blog as well and send her some love! 🙂

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I feel like every time I was introduced to someone and told them I was a bookworm, the first question I was asked was: “Have you read House of Leaves? It’s, like, my all time favorite book ever!” Needless to say, maybe it was jut because I tended to hang out with all the “Indie music loving alternative hipsters”, but I kept hearing about the book all the time, yet I had never read it! Everyone offered to lend me a copy, but I love having books on my shelves, so instead I bought my own copy. It was finally time for me to tackle this book that I had somehow missed for so long.

After finishing the book, I can safely say that it is in my top 5. House of Leaves is experimental, complicated, strange, haunting, and harrowing. The book utilizes so many different elements to tell the story: Different fonts, colors, footnotes, images, and even more strange things. Although, that’s only part of what makes the story so gripping when you read it.

House of Leaves is about two stories. One: A boy who finds a chest in his neighbor’s apartment containing an old manuscript, who is reading through said manuscript. Two: The manuscript itself, which is telling the story of a photographer who finds something is very, very wrong with his house.

Reading this, it makes you feel like you are spiraling down into madness along with the characters. Something about this book just feels so personal and real, even though the book clearly states that the story is pure fiction on the inside cover. It’s a haunting story that you just can’t stop reading once you start. You are turning the book all around in your hands, reading things upside down or sentences that spiral off the page. If you are a stickler for the classic writing style, this book will probably leave you irritated right off the bat, but if you can get past that, it’s easy to get wrapped up in the words.

I found myself wanting to measure all the walls in my house when I finished reading it and looking around at all my surroundings to make sure nothing was changed. The paranoia followed me right out of the pages. In that way, how haunting the book is and how the story clings to you, is what made me love it. I love books that can draw me in that deeply and make me look around at things around me in a different light.

If a book has ever moved you like that, I’d love to hear about it! I love books that can impact you so deeply while you read them! Now I’m that indie music loving alternative hipster that tells everyone that they should read House of Leaves when I meet them. It’s funny how the tables have turned. Now it’s off to measure the walls again, to make sure everything is the same as it was yesterday… (just kidding!)

Bio: Hello there! I’m so excited to be guest posting on this book filled blog! I blog over at Bookworms in Dresses, where I review books, talk about life as a post grad, and share some outfit posts from time to time as well! I come from the city of Pittsburgh, where I attended college, and now live with my boyfriend who is the definition of an Indie-Music-Loving-Alternative-Hipster (with a great beard). I’ve been a bookworm since I could read, and I always got in trouble for reading books under my desk at school, as well as under the table at dinner. Getting me to put a book down is a struggle. I hope you enjoyed my review of House of Leaves!

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Thanks Jess! I’ve heard really great things about this book and now I know I definitely need to read it!  Maybe over the summer! Thanks for the post!

5 stars · fiction · young adult

Under Shifting Glass by Nicky Singer

Under Shifting Glass

Author : nicky singer

pages : [hardcover] 320

favorite character: jess

summary :

Jess has a secret: a mysterious glass flask she finds in an heirloom desk’s hidden compartment. Its surface swirls with iridescent colors, like something’s inside, something almost like a song, something with a soul. No one else sees anything under the shifting glass, but Jess is convinced there must be some kind of magic in there. And when her twin brothers are born critically ill, Jess begins to believe that the force within the flask just might hold the key to saving her brothers-and her family. In this emotionally rich novel, award-winning author Nicky Singer crafts a world of possibility that is steeped in hope and the power of love.

review :

I was so excited to read this book! It’s an incredible story about love and family and leads you to wonder what is and isn’t real. Maybe there are people in the world who can see much more than everyone else can. Maybe there are forces out there beyond comprehension. These thoughts are explored in Under Shifting Glass as Jess is quite different from everyone else and sees things no one else does.

I loved our main character from the beginning. Jess is a little odd and most people seem to know that but she’s also the most loyal person there is. She sticks up for her friends and family though of course she can’t stand it if that loyalty isn’t being returned. I like how nobody appears to be perfect in this book and that allows everyone to grow more by the end of the novel.

The writing in this book is beautiful. Even when nothing important was happening I was still captivated because of the way everything was written and blended together. Because of that I really hope to read more from this author in the future because I’m fairly certain that any kind of plot paired with this writing could be great!

I recommend this book for anyone who wants a short, interesting read that will leave you thinking.

5/5 stars

fiction · romance · science fiction · series · young adult

Missing You by Meg Cabot

Missing You

Author: Meg Cabot [also wrote Avalon High, Size 12 is Not Fat, and Airhead]

Pages [paperback]: 288

The 5th and final book in the 1-800-Where-R-You Series!
Book 1: When Lightning Strikes Book 2: Code Name Cassandra
Book 3: Safe House Book 4: Sanctuary

Opening LinesMy name is Jessica Mastriani. You might have heard of me. It’s fine with me if you haven’t, though. In fact, I kind of prefer it that way.

Favorite Characters: Jess & Rob


Ever since a walk home on a particularly stormy day, Jessica Mastriani has had an ability like no other. She became known worldwide as Lightning Girl — a psychic who could find the location of anyone, dead or alive. Jess finally had no choice but to embrace her newfound talent, and ended up lending her skills to the U.S. government.

But her work for them has taken a terrible toll, and Jess resurfaces months later a shadow of her former self, her powers gone, Lightning Girl no more. Her only hope is starting over in a new place, a big city where nobody knows her. It’s only when Rob Wilkins unexpectedly shows up on her doorstep that she’s forced to face her past. Rob, all the way from back home, needs her help. But how can Jess, her powers gone, find anyone, let alone the sister of a man she once loved . . . when she can’t even find herself?

Missing You, the fifth and final book in the 1-800-Where-R-You series


First off, I absolutely loved this book. When I found out it almost wasn’t written . . . Well, that would have been a bleak moment for humanity. Or, at least, for me. And probably a few other fans. I digress.

Rob and Jess . . . Rob has truly proved himself, and doesn’t let me down in this final installment. Jess is as awesome as before. Oh, how I’ll miss these characters!

The plot, like that of books 1-4, is simple, yet doesn’t drag in the slightest. Full of twists and turns, romance, and annoying siblings, this book has a bit of everything. I love the humor it’s written with-even in the most suspenseful moments, Jess can make me laugh.

This is exactly the type of book I wanted to read right now. I give Missing You 5/5 stars. It’s a quick, fun read that will satisfy every question you have about the series. You even find out about Rob’s probation. 😉

fiction · romance · science fiction · series · young adult

Code Name Cassandra by Meg Cabot

Code Name Cassandra

Author: Meg Cabot [also wrote Avalon High, Size 12 is Not Fat, and Airhead]

Pages [paperback]: 272

Available now!

Book 2 of the 1-800-Where-R-U series
Book 1: When Lightning Strikes

Opening Lines: I don’t know why I’m doing this. Writing this down, I mean. It’s not like anybody is making me. Not this time.

Memorable Quote: “Didn’t your mother ever tell you,” Rob asked, “that you’re supposed to play hard to get?”

Favorite Character: Rob



was dubbed “Lightning Girl” by the press when she developed a psychic ability to find missing children after she was struck by lightning during a huge storm. Now Jess has lost her miraculous powers…or at least she would like the media and the government to think so. All she wants is to be left alone.

But it doesn’t look like Jess is going to get her wish — especially not while working at a summer camp for musically gifted kids. When the father of a missing girl shows up to beg Jess to find his daughter, Jess can’t say no. Now the Feds are on her tail again, as is one ornery stepdad, who’d like to see Lightning Girl…well, dead.


Meg Cabot has made me fall in love with yet another one of her books. Taking up just after book one, When Lightning Strikes, lets off, Code Name Cassandra reintroduces the cast of characters. This time, it’s summer, and Jess is looking forward to weeks of french-braiding little girls’ hair, lounging by the pool, and hanging out with her best friend, Ruth.

Of course, for a girl who can figure out where lost children are when she falls asleep, things don’t always go exactly according to plan.

I love the concept of this series, and can’t wait to read on. The only negative thing I can think of is that the action slacked off a little just before the climax. I didn’t really think much more was going to happen, then BAM!, the plot twisted! That definitely made me love the book 100% more-just as soon as I was fearing it would turn out mediocre, it pulled a complete 180 and was fantastic.

I love Jess-she’s so headstrong, and knows how to work for what she wants. She doesn’t take ‘no’ for an answer and considers rules optional. Though she may be a bit extreme when it comes to anger management, I think there definitely need to be more female characters like her. Independent, working for what they want. I like her as a role model, if you can take just the good parts of her personality.

I give Code Name Cassandra a whole-hearted 5/5 stars. I loved it, and can’t wait to read the third book in this series!

Fantasy · fiction · science fiction · young adult

Blue Noon by Scott Westerfeld

“Blue Noon”

Author: Scott Westerfeld

Pages [paperback]: 378

The third and final book in the Midnighters Trilogy. Read the reviews for book one and book two.

Available now

Opening Lines: Bixby High’s late bell shrieked in the distance, like something wounded and ready to be cut from the herd. Rex Greene was always late these days, stumbling in confusion from one class to another, late with his father’s pills or forgetting them altogether.

Memorable Quote: Dess shook her head. “Before he walked off, Rex said for you to wait. He said it’s totally important you don’t touch Angie until he comes back. and he said that if you were a pain about it, I get to hit you with that.” She pointed to where the darkling had flung Flabbergasted Supernumerary Mathematician, its tip blackened by ichor and fire. “So, go ahead.”

Favorite Character: Dess


The secret hour is when time freezes arrives every night at midnight in Bixby, Oklahoma. It’s a dangerous time, when five teenagers are the only humans awake and dark creatures crawl out of the shadows, but at least the midnight hour is regular and predictable.

Until suddenly, the blue time comes . . . in the middle of the day.

The noise of school stops. Cheerleaders are frozen in midair, teachers brought to a standstill. Everything is the haunted blue color of the midnight hour.

The Midnighters can’t understand what’s happening, but as they scramble for answers, they discover that the walls between the secret hour and real time are crumbling. Soon the dark creatures will have a chance to feed after centuries of waiting, unless these five teenagers can find a way to stop them.


I love the Midnighters series and Scott Westerfeld’s writing in general. I’ve been looking forward to the conclusion of the trilogy and wasn’t disappointed. The entire novel was action-packed, filled with witty little lines, and darkling infested.

I love how the change in Rex is portrayed and Melissa’s change, too. Dess is her usual awesome self, and Jonathan and Jessica are as close as ever. Beth, Jessica’s little sister, was starting to get on my nerves a bit, but that’s what younger siblings do in general, so Mr. Westerfeld captured that perfectly.

The world of midnight as readers knew it up until this moment was twisted and warped in this novel in a great new way. I think that everyone should give this series at least a chance, even if it’s not what you’d usually go for.

I give ‘Blue Noon’ 4/5 stars.

Fantasy · fiction · science fiction · Uncategorized · young adult

“Midnighters: Touching Darkness” by Scott Westerfeld

“Midnighters: Touching Darkness”
Author: Scott Westerfeld
This is the second book in the Midnighters trilogy. Find the review for the first book, The Secret Hour, here.
Pages [Hardcover]: 330
Available in stores now!
First line: At last, everything was sorted out.
Memorable Quote: In the blue time, math kicked ass
Favorite Character: Dess
Dess, Jonathan, Jessica, Melissa, and Rex are the only midnighters around. The rest mysteriously disappeared around fifty years ago, vanishing without a trace or even a hint of what might have happened to them. As they struggle to unravel this mystery, they stumble onto a larger problem: a strange man has been hanging around outside Jessica’s house, taking photos-at exactly the stroke of midnight. Could this man know something about the midnighters? Will they ever figure out what happened so long ago?
I really liked the first Midnighters and this one didn’t diappoint. In fact, I really liked this second book better. The characters seemed more full of life and seemed to know what they were doing. Not just wandering around thinking about what they should do or unsure of what to decide. They had specific goals and set out to fulfill them. I was more than happy to be taken along on the ride.
There was more action, more romance, more-well, everything, actually.
The relationships between characters really deepened in this second installment.
This book definitely gets 5/5 stars.