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These Boots are Made for Stalking by Lisi Harrison

These Boots are Made for Stalking

Author: Lisi Harrison

Pages [paperback]: 228

The 12th installment of the popular ‘Clique’ series

Opening Lines: “Rate my costume,” Massie Block demanded, spinning around in a circle so the Pretty Committee could see her black silk Theory jumpsuit and red patent-leather Brian Atwood pumps from ever angle. Hands on hips, she ran her tongue over her fan-enhanced smile and dared her friends to give her anyting less than a 9.2.

Favorite Characters: Cam & Layne


Massie Block: Now that Massie’s in luh-v with a freshman at ADD, it’s time for the Pretty Committe to upgrade–literally. Armed with glossy hair, juicy gossip, and enough confidence to impress the ninth grade set, Massie can walk the walk. But when she catches Landon hanging out with a bird-tattooed mystery girl, will she have to stalk the hawk?

Alicia Rivera: Thought she and Josh Hotz were a perfect fit… until she found out they wear the same clothing size. Ehma-unacceptable! Maybe she should try on a new crush in size nine–ninth grade, that is.

Kristen Gregory: Is booooored of Dempsey’s constant soccer talk. When a high school hawtie makes a play for her attention, she may need to drop-kick her old crush to the curb…

Dylan Marvil: Loves lip-kissing Derrington. But when he loses a bet and has to wear his clothes backwards, all bets on another smooch session are off.

Claire Lyons: Is clinging to eighth grade like ugly on a Kmart jumper. Why grow up before you have to? But if she refuses to trade Cam in for a ninth-grade crush, will her friends outgrow her?


I’d like to start off by saying that I used to luh-v the Clique series. My friends and I were obsessed with them, anxiously waiting for the next to come out. About four years and 12 books into the series, I think it’s safe to say that the Pretty Committee should retire. permanently. I recently looked it up and there are at least 2 more books planned to be released in the future! NOO. Ms. Harrison, the Clique is on a downward spiral. Every book has the same plot: Massie decides she’s changed for the greater good, suddenly gets a [terrible] idea in her head and convinces all of her friends to go along with it, chaos insues because she never thinks things through…

In this book, I was freaked out by Massie. Yes, really. She was a stalker, as the title hints, [following around your crush? spying on him with hidden cameras in his dog collar? not cool] and way too controlling. How she still has friends, I have no idea.

The Clique series is going downhill, but the story was interesting enough, I guess. I feel obligated to read this series to its end, but I’m definitely not buying the books. Library, here I come! ‘These Boots are Made for Stalking’ gets 2/5 stars.

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